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United Bank of Albania (UBA Bank), since year’s offers a wide range of crediting and financing packages, which can combined in way aiming to suit your needs for commercial and business. The Bank focuses on supporting corporate customers and companies with international participation, but special attention is dedicated also to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) .

UBA Bank offers you the opportunity to have a Current Account with specifications aiming to help in establishing completely ethical relationships between you and the bank.

Through the current account you can benefit the following banking transactions:

 • Crediting your account;

 • Withdraw money from your account;

 • You can receive salary in your current account; 

 • You can pay your monthly utility invoices, perform payments to others and you can also receive payments from others;

 • You can also exchange money with the best rates in the market.

If you would like to have additional information, we kindly invite you to contact our customer relationship officer of your nearest UBA branch and/or agency.

Time Deposit Account


    The Deposit or the Wakala Deposit is an agreement established between the bank and the customer for a defined amount and maturity. For the amount invested, the client receives the profit rate according to the amount, maturity, currency and the crediting frequency of the profit as specified in the deposit contract.

    At United Bank of Albania, the deposits can be opened in LEK, EUR, and USD.

    By opening of the deposit, you can choose among options available concerning:

    The desired time period as mentioned above, the account in which the profit will be credited, you will be able to determine if the deposit will be renewed automatically or your physical presence will be required in the bank, and you will be also able to determine the renewal of the principal only or principal renovation together with profit taken into account.

    List of Profit Rates, October 15 2020 (Download)


United Bank of Albania (UBA Bank) since years offers a wide range of financings which can be combined to suit your business commercial needs. The bank is focused in financing of both, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporates, too.

Make things happen, expand your business. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process and clearly explain all financing options to determine the best fit. 

  • With a full-service banking activity, UBA Bank is able to provide flexible financing options that offer appropriate maturities programmed just for your needs.
    The working capital financing product is a short and mid-term financing offered by UBA Bank to its business clients, with a tenor varying from 1-5 years, and amortized in installments suitable to the business cycles. 
    This financing is usually granted by the bank to business clients aiming to build up the necessary working capital, e.g. companies at initial growing phase or insufficient current assets aiming to best fit with the level of activity. 
    Financing working capital with monthly repayments: 
    The financing with bullet repayment is a credit line that UBA Bank offers to the borrowers to increase the working capital and finance purchase of goods. The repayment will be total in one tranche after the sale of goods.
    Revolving financing for working capital: 
    Partial disbursements and revolving financings serve to the working capital needs and finance the imports and exports. Term of repayment of each disbursement can vary depending on business cycle, always less than 1 year, renewable. 
  • With a full-service banking activity, UBA Bank is able to provide flexible financing options that offer appropriate maturities programmed just for your needs.
    Whether you’re expanding, renewing your existing liability with UBA Bank or buying out from other Banks, or acquiring new equipment, we provide financing solutions to help you grow your business and revenues.

    UBA Bank Financing investment projects, is available to clients with stable operations and also with a feasible project. The tenors are anticipated and are approved from own sources of the Bank. 

    • Most convenient profit rates and terms and conditions applied;
    • Easy application process and disbursement of term financing at any UBA branch of your choice.

    Bank participation:
    Up to 100 % of the total investment value.

    Maximum Period:
    Up to 7 years.


    Over movable and/or immovable property etc. The Bank might require other collaterals permitted by UBA’s internal regulations and of the Bank of Albania, too.

    Business Financing Application Form 



  • General Information for card
    With pleasure United Bank of Albania introduce DEBIT MASTERCARD, a card which is secured under CHIP and PIN functionality.

    Your debit card connects directly to your current account by offering you an easier way to access funds in your account. It is your new portfolio.
    Your money is safe and you have a cozy use. With your card you can pay at any point of sale where you see MasterCard logo both inside and outside the country and you can withdraw cash from the ATM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    You don’t have to withdraw money to pay for your purchases or expenses when you can pay directly with a card for them at any store, agency, supermarket, restaurant bar, fuel, hotel, etc. equipped with POS.
    The debit card is also available for online shopping.

    You can check the status of the account as well as verify each transaction performed through the statement, having a full control of your expenses.

    ⦁    FREE Printing;
    ⦁    Practical, fast and easy usage;
    ⦁    Your money is Safe and Comfortable;
    ⦁    Access in your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week;
    ⦁    CASH withdraw in ATM worldwide wherever logo of MasterCard is displayed.
    ⦁    Possibility to purchase in all points of sale (POS) in Albania and outside of it where MasterCard logos are displayed.
    ⦁    FREE Cash withdraw from Union Bank ATM;
    ⦁    FREE purchases in POS, inside or outside the country;
    ⦁    Possibility to change the PIN anytime;
    ⦁    Buy on Internet up to 5,000 Lek.

    UBA Bank offer the possibility to equip with a debit card to all the individuals and business client.
    Debit MasterCard for Business is a debit card designed to facilitate your business activity by helping you with a very good management of the funds you have available. All the authorized people of the business can have DEBIT MASTERCARD. You can present to the branch with an ID card and make your application.
  • For a safe usage of your cards, take in consideration below advices :

    • Treat your card as you would do with the cash - never let it out of your sight.
    • Don't give your secret PIN to anyone. Don’t write it down, memorize it.
    • Don't respond to emails that require you to submit your account number, card number or expiry date of your card.
    • Don't let your friends or family use your cards.
    • Stay vigilant of detecting skimming devices.
    • Keep eyes on your statement: Check your bank debit card statements regularly and thoroughly to see if there has been fraudulent activity.

    Advices how to buy/purchase on POS / ATM.

    • Always cover the keyboard with one hand when setting the PIN
    • Make sure you get your card and bill after completing the purchase or withdrawal at ATMs.
    • Always keep the card under control. Ask to have the POS to your table. Make sure the card is passed only once.
    • Do not distract or hurry when you are performing a transaction.

    Advices for make transactions on Internet.

    • Use the familiar Website.
    • Look for the digital certificate. Be sure to use pages that have SSL (secure sockets layer) .You will know if the page has SSL after the URL for the page will start with HTTPS: // (instead of HTTP: //) One the icon with a closed lock will appear next to the address you opened.
    • Protect your computer by always using the latest antivirus software.
    • Use strong, long, and difficult passwords.
    • Avoid using public computers. There your card data can be easily stolen from fraudsters.
    • When shopping online from your phone, try to always use the apps offered directly by merchants

    If you doubt that your card is copied or lost or stolen, please call us immediately in the phone number back to the card Tel: +355 34224742, in order that the card to be blocked immediately.

  • All customers of the United Bank of Albania will have the opportunity to withdraw at any Mastercard ATM for FREE.

  • MasterCard DEBIT

      Debit Cards


      General conditions


          Maintenance fee

    free of charge

          Change of the daily limit of card usage

    350 LEK

          Credit refund

    0.5% of the amount

          Unjustified disputed transaction

    2.000 Lek

          Unblocking a card

    300 Lek

      Issuing cards


         Standard issuing

    free of charge

         Card re-issuance for other reasons (stolen, lost, damaged ect.)

    500 LEK

         PIN re-issuance

    400 LEK

         Change PIN on ATM

    50 LEK

      ATM transactions


          Cash withdrawal


               From Bank’s ATM

    free of charge

               From other banks ATM in Albania

    free of charge

          From ATM abroad

    2 % min 350 Lek

          Balance check-up  Union Bank

    free of charge

          Balance check-up  to other banks

    50 Lek

      POS transactions


                Purchases at POS

    Free of charge

                Purchases at POS abroad

    Free of charge

         Cash withdrawal in POS


                From POS terminals in ALBANIA

    2 % min 350 Lek

                From POS terminals abroad

    2 % min 350 Lek



                Daily limits for withdraw  on ATM

    50,000 Lek/dite

                Daily limits to buy in Pos

    250,000 Lek/dite

                Daily limits to buy in Internet

    5,000 Lek/dite

  • What is Card Skimming?

    Card skimming is the copying of encoded information from the magnetic stripe of a legitimate card, making use of a card reader, for fraudulent purposes.
    Common types of Card Frauds are:
    ⦁    Lost/Stolen: unauthorized usage of a credit card as a result of it being lost or stolen
    ⦁    Counterfeit: duplicating legitimate credit cards which are then used for fraudulent activities. This includes skimming which is a duplication of the magnetic stripe
    ⦁    Card Not Present (CNP): unauthorized usage of credit card information for fraudulent activities over the internet, phone or mail

    How do fraudsters skim cards?

    Fraudsters use sophisticated devices to steal PIN and card information. These devices are small and concealed in the ATM, which may not be even noticed by the customer. The technique of a fraudster is to manage to manipulate the client during the transaction
     A card skimming device is placed over the card slot, copying the card information once the card is inserted into the ATM. A small camera directed to the keyboard is hidden to capture the PIN. With duplicate the information on the card, the fraudster create a new duplicate card and start making transactions by withdrawal all the funds that they can get from the account as soon as possible.

    Advice how to prevent the Card Skimming
    ⦁    Cover up the PIN: Always cover the keypad with one hand while keying in the PIN number. By protecting your PIN, criminals do not have access to your account when card information is compromised (this method is useful when transacting at an ATM or Point of Sale).
    ⦁    Do not accept assistance, guidance or allow anyone to interfere with your transaction - fraudsters sometimes pose as bank officials by offering assistance or interfering with your transaction.
    ⦁    Control your daily limits in ATM, POS & Internet limits - lower your daily ATM, POS & Internet limits if the limit is set at a level unrealistic to what you would usually spend.
    ⦁    Be observant of your surroundings when transacting at the ATM - Do not let people be around you at the moment of doing the ATM transaction.


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