By reading the selected list of question and answers shown as below, we kindly invite you to find out more about Islamic banking, how it differs from conventional banking and why it is an ethical choice.

What is Islamic banking?

Islamic banking is consistent with the principles of Sharia. A key factor is that it operates without applying interest, which is not permitted in Islam religion, as money by itself is not considered to be a commodity from which you can profit.

How are Islamic banks different?

Islamic banks are based on an asset-backed system of finance and develop partnerships with their customers where risk and reward are shared. Unlike many conventional banks, Islamic banks only invest customers’ deposits in ethical activities which are consistent with the principles of Sharia.

What are the founding principles of Islamic Banking?

Islamic banks are founded on faith-based, ethical principles that are derived from trade, entrepreneurship and risk-sharing. As money by itself is not considered to be a commodity from which you can profit, no interest is paid or received by Islamic banks. The ethics and values which underpin Islamic banking include inclusivity, transparency, integrity, respect and fairness.

How do Islamic banks work different with their customer?

Unlike the conventional bank-customer relationship, Islamic banks work with their customers in partnership, sharing risk and reward.

How is Islamic Banking ethical?

Islamic banks only use their customers’ deposits for investments which are permitted in Sharia. So, customers’ money will never be invested in gambling, alcohol, arms, tobacco, pornography or any interest bearing activities.The activities of UBA Bank are constantly monitored by UBA's Sharia Adviser.

How do Islamic banks invest?

The source of the Islamic bank’s funding, profits and business investments cannot be in/from businesses that are considered unlawful under Sharia, such as gambling, alcohol, arms, tobacco, pornography or any interest bearing activities.

What is wrong with an interest based system?

Under the principles of Sharia, the presence of interest creates an inequitable relationship between two parties favoring one over the other; this imbalance can ultimately lead to wider negative social and economic implications, as has been seen in recent years with several major global banks failing. This is why it is forbidden in the Qur’an as generating money from money is effortless and useless approach of making money, it instead encourages trade and investment.

What is Debit MasterCard used for?

Debit card serves to have access and usage of your bank account, with no need to go in branches. You can withdraw cash from ATM and make payments at POS displaying logos of  MasterCard /Maestro.

What should I do if my card or the wallet in which was the card is stolen?

Immediately you should call in one of the below number:
⦁    +355 34224742
⦁    +355 44548888
Your card will be block for prevent any potential abuse. You must present to the bank and to fill an application for reprinting the card. The reprinted card will have new card number and expiry date, in order to minimize the risk of any potential abuse.  

What should I do if an ATM machine keeps my card?

After checking which bank belong the ATM where the card is kept, you should immediately notify your UBA Bank in the above numbers and follow the instructions of the bank's staff.

Until which date exactly is my debit card valid?

Your debit card is valid till the last day of the month that is printed in the card..


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