United Bank of Albania is procuring Internet / Mobile Banking solution and Loan Application Processing System hoping to elevate its customers’ experience and to facilitate efficient banking processes.

     We welcome all qualified bidders to participate in the bidding process.

    A bidder should offer solutions for the following:

    ·         Loan origination software for corporate and SME clients

    ·         Loan origination software for retail clients

    ·         Internet/Mobile Banking for corporate clients 

    ·         Internet/Mobile Banking for retail clients

                   ·         An integrated multichannel banking solution that provides at least both internet and mobile banking services 

    The proposal from the bidder should be submitted complete solution (features list + UI/UX design).

    The bid proposals should include all necessary licenses, implementation, integration, customization and maintenance of the solution.


    Please note that all the information requested in RFP needs to be provided by the Bidder.

    The Bank will shortlist bidders fulfilling eligibility criteria as detailed in RFP. The decision of the Bank will be final and binding.

    The Bank reserves the right to change the dates mentioned in the RFP, which will be communicated to the prospective bidders.

    The Bank reserves the right of rejecting any or all bids and the right of accepting any portion of the bid without adducing any reason.

    The schedule for the project is anticipated to be as follows:


    Selection Process Step  

    Estimated Date and Time  

    UBA issuing RFP

    29 December 2020

    Deadline for Intent to Respond

    10 January 2021

    Submission of Questions

    11– 13 January 2021

    Answers/clarifications to Vendor 

    14– 18 January 2021

    RFP Proposals Due 

    29 January 2021


    01 – 04 February 2021

    Vendor Shortlist Announcement 

    05 February 2021


    05 – 12 February 2021

    Awarding of Contract 

    15 February 2021


    ·         All bidders who intend to respond to bids have to signify their desire to do so by submitting an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    ·         On or before January, 10th  2021 at 15:00 (CET), all questions related to the RFPs are to be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    ·         Submission of Proposal should be made on or before Friday, January, 29th 2021 at 16:00 (CET). 

    Contact person: Adrian Guza, IT Manager

    United bank of Albania.,

    Address: Rr. “Dritan Hoxha”,

    Nd. 11, H. 3, Njesia Bashkiake Nr.7,

    Postal Code 1023, PO Box 128,Tirana

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    On December 20th, 2015, United Bank of Albania in cooperation with BBI Business Club, and with the valuable support of International Chamber of Commerce in Albania (ACITAD), organized the event: B2B Meetings between Albanian and Bosnian enterprises with the following theme: “Bridging Business Potential and Opportunities”.
    This event gathered together at Tirana International Hotel, a significant number of enterprises coming  from Bosnia & Herzegovina, aiming the establishment of economic and cooperation relationships between the Albanian business community and of Bosnia & Herzegovina.; countries which belongs to the same geographical region and cultural traditions, too.
    Among essential objectives, this organization served also to convey an important goal, “The promotion of Albania as an attractive option for further development of investment opportunities”.
    B2B meetings within companies operating in the same industry were held, and made possible the participants to get familiar with their respective business activities, to explore additional opportunities for cooperation and partnership, to look for alternatives aiming the implementation of common investment projects, or between third parties, to value the possibilities to enter together in new markets of the region and beyond (such as in Europe, Middle and Far East). 
    Agriculture, Trade (export-import, retail and wholesale trade), Energy, Tourism and Infrastructure Development, Wood processing, pharmaceutical and distribution, were some of the participant industries present in these B2B meetings.


    On June 4th, 2015 Mr. Muhamed Prlja, CEO of UBA Bank participated into an open lecture at Canadian Institute of Technology Albania (CIT). Mr. Prlja contribution aimed at presenting a general overview on “Islamic Finance Principles” and how they can be implemented as an alternative business model to economic crisis prevention.

    Since the Islamic finance has become an important part of the international financial system over the last decades, and also in the view of the new the financial crisis incidents, there has been a renewed debate on the role that Islamic finance can play in the stabilization of the global financial system; example one can directly relate to the strong “ethical principles” on which this kind of finance is based and developed.

    This lecture intended to open a useful debate among students that were present with discussions by examining the development of and as well as possible prospects for Islamic finance, with a special focus on the Albanian context.



    UBA Bank was the exclusivity bank among sponsors, to support the program submitted by the “National Institute of Integration of Orphan Children in Albania” regarding the festive and charity event held on 20th of May, 2015, in Tirana.

    This over 12 years traditional event is an initiative conceived and initiated as a day of memory and reflection for those children who unfortunately and in different circumstances have lost warm heart and family are permanently deprived of parental love care. With the attention and participation of distinguished  representatives of the government, diplomatic corp, business and  from the civil society, the event aimed to support the cause and to once again remind that “Beyond pain, there is love”.


    United Bank of Albania, following the critical situation of families affected by floods in the south Albania, decided to join the initiative of the Albanian Government, by helping the residents located in the suburb villages of Fieri city.

    UBA Bank as a bank that is continually trying to contribute to the raise of its CSR activities in the Albanian community, and in this case by being fully coordinated with the local government in Fieri, donated equally monetary amounts to 100 affected families, in sign of humanitarian aid.



    United Bank of Albania (UBA Bank), since its creation believes that the bank should have a particular obligation to society, through its involvement, contribution and sponsorship to certain social projects, as well as charitable donations to needful individuals in the local communities of which it is integral part of.
    UBA Bank, this year-end festivity greetings are accompanied with donation and party organizing sponsorship, to those who range within the groups who most need support, the “child’s of Down Syndrome Albania”, the Foundation Service Center.
    In this regards, UBA bank chose to buy this year greeting cards in favor to DSA Foundation. The amount went in support to the foundation and will contribute to offer additional free therapies in benefit to children are affected by Down syndrome.
    Additionally, on Monday, 29th December, 2014, UBA Bank sponsored and organized the end-year party for the children’s of DSA Foundation.  The music played accompanied by the animator’s plays and games, balloon sculpturing and face painting were some of the activities held to wish to the children the best end-year Holidays. At the end of the party, cakes, sweets and gifts where distributed to every children under the United Bank of Albania logo.


Adress: Rr. “Dritan Hoxha”,
Nd. 11, H. 3, Njesia Bashkiake Nr.7,
Postal Code 1023, PO Box 128,

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