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Starting from May 9, 2009 your deposits are insured as per Law no. 8873 dated 29.03.2002 “On Deposit Insurance” (Amended by the Law 10106 date 30.03.2009 “On some changes and amendments in Law no. 8873 date 29.03.2002 “On Deposits Insurance) approved by the Parliament of Republic of Albania and decreed by the President of the Republic of Albania.

The insurance is covered by the Deposit Insurance Agency (D. I. A.) established to serve to this purpose.

The insurance covers from risk, the resident or non-resident deposits (non-commercial) either in domestic or foreign currency held with U.B.A. according to the following amounts:

  1. The D.I.A compensate the insured deposit, as per the provisions of this law, at 100% and, in every case, not more than 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) Leke, for each depositor in every insured Bank, that operates in Republic of Albania, regardless the number of deposits or deposited amount.

The insured deposits of each depositor in U.B.A., placed in different deposit accounts are aggregated and considered as a single deposit account. If deposits are held in different currencies, the amounts are converted into Lek, using the official exchange rate of Bank of Albania in the date of the intervention, then they are aggregated into a single deposit account in Lek.

The Law on “Deposit Insurance” renders obligatory the membership by D.I.A of all banks and branches of foreign banks exercising activity in the Republic of Albania territory. United Bank of Albania Sh. A. is already considered “Insured Bank” and is provided by the Deposit Insurance Agency with the Certificate “For Deposits Insurance” No.3, date 11.05.2009.

According to the provisions of the Law “On Deposit Insurance”, the following deposits are excluded by the insurance and compensation:

  1. Part of the deposit over 2,500 000 (two million five hundred thousand) Leke or its equivalent in foreign currency;
  2. Deposits of any trade company, physical person or other legal entity;
  3. Deposits of the director, administrators, debtors of U.B.A., or any other depositor with the same status in the legal entity related with the bank; 
  4. Deposits of each person who possess in a direct or indirect manner the property right of a shareholder up to the level of 5 percent (five percent) or more in the capital of UBA or shares with voting right related with the Bank;
  5. Deposits of persons who perform the audit and certify the financial statements of the bank as well as the depositors with the same status in other companies of the same group;
  6. Deposits of any depositor of UBA who enjoy more than 20 percent (twenty percent) of preferential interest, different from the rate applied based on terms & conditions for all other depositors of the bank;
  7. Deposits of any person in the Bank who uses the deposit account for criminal activity;
  8. Non-nominative deposits, including deposits that contain securities of the bearer;
  9. Deposits in Bank’s branches outside Albania;
  10. Deposits placed in UBA during and after the date of the intervention in the Bank.


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