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Banka e Bashkuar e Shqiperise-(UBA Bank), prej vitesh ofron mundesi reale per karriere dhe nje mjedis pune mjaft te pershtatshem per te gjithe punonjesit.



  • UNITED BANK OF ALBANIA (UBA), is seeking to employ a qualified, energetic and responsible candidate to work in its HO in Tirana, in the following position:


                                                                                        TREASURY & FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS DEPARTMENT                                                                                          

     Treasury & Financial Institutions Dept. has the major objective and role to fund Bank’s assets as cheaply as possible within reasonable risk parameters, managing the FX requirements, to provide and maintain facilities through the correspondent Banks relationship and other financial institutions, to develop and marketing treasury products attractive to Bank’s customer’s base and offer top level professional services. 


    1. Responsible for performance and application of the main products:
    1. SPOT operations, buying-selling foreign money against ALL.
    2. SPOT operations, buying-selling foreign money against each other.
    3. Buying-selling banknotes.
    4. Setting time deposits in other banks.
    5. Accepting time deposits from other banks.
    6. Lending/borrowing with other banks.
    7. Investing on Treasury Bills in the primary market
    8. Transactions with treasury Bills on the secondary and retail market.
    9. Responsible for managing of Liquidity, FX, Interest rates, keeping under control and minimizing the risks.
    1. Responsible for determining organizational and procedural rules related to all operations made by Treasury Department.
    2. Organizes leads and monitors all the Treasury Department activity.
    3. Follows and monitors the appliance of the bank politics by the staff of the Department in the operations they realize.
    4. Evaluates effectiveness of current policies and procedures of the department;
    5. Monitors and orientates continuously the staff on the preventing the liquidity of the bank based on the information gained by them or other related structures as well as ban branches.
    6. Following and monitoring the investment in Lek and foreign currency in order to have a high profit rate
    7. Following and monitoring Foreign exchange, administration of the funds for placement of the funds, transactions which will be finalized with correspondent banks, second banks in Albania, Bank of Albania, Nonresident banks which bank operating, exchange office and the clients of the bank, in order to increase the profit and to minimize the risk.
    8. Responsible for correspondent banking and relation with other banks.
    9. Monitoring orders for all the operations made from Treasury dept: Operation in Foreign Exchange, Transfer of the funds, Treasury Bill in primary and secondary market, accepting deposits inside of the limit of the bank, and after taken the approval from GM, make the transaction.
    10. Control and approval daily Forex rate of the bank.
    11. Collect all the information over the Market, in F/X, local and international.
    12. Based on the moveable of the market can change daily F/x Rate, or can stopped foreign exchange for that day.
    13. Following, monitoring and take the information over the market about profit rate. Based on this information and all other, about the Bank situation regarding liquidity and GAP of maturity, make proposal to ALCO for changes in the level of profit rates for clients deposit.
    14. Regarding the auction, monitoring level of the yield-s in the market, to participate in and to invest and re-invest and take decision in accordance with the limits approved from the Bank.
    15. Receiving information every moment on Liquidity position in the Bank in order to fulfill the needs of the Branches and possibility of the new investment of the free funds.
    16. Authorizing transaction with preferential rate for H/O, branches clients (preferential F/X rate, or Profit rate for deposit) in the respect of the limits approved from the Bank.
    17. Authorizing of the transport of the Bank’s funds CASH, from H/O, Branches, with destinations Local Banks, Bank of Albania, and foreign banks.
    18. Authorizing withdraw of the funds form Bank of Albania, with destination Treasury in H/O, or branches.
    19. Approving of daily operational reports with destination Bank of Albania.
    20. Control and take the responsibility in respecting the limits defined in UBA’s Policies & Manuals, BoA regulations related with liquidity, FX and Interest rates.
    21. Keeps close relations with (inside and/or outside third parties)
    22. Perform without prior announcement the inventory of physical cash not less than 4 times per year for each branch/agency.
    1. Receive the report from internal auditor of the bank and reply for all the incorrectness found, also follow up to fulfill the recommendations.
    2. Conducts performance evaluation for the staff of Department.
    3. Compiles the holiday schedule for the staff of department, in compliance with Labor Code.
    4. Evaluates the training needs for the staff under supervision, prepare the training schedule and submit it to HR Manager.
    5. Member of ALCO Committee.
    6. Performs any other work in accordance with the legal, sub legal regulations and general enactments of the Bank and at the instructions of the CEO.


    Education/ Experience: 

    • Business or marketing-related degree or equivalent professional qualification
    • Experience in all aspects of developing and managing strategies
    • Technical dealing skills
    • Experience in customer and market research
    • Relevant product and industry knowledge
    • Experience with relevant software applications


    Knowledge and Skills required:

    • Good command of spoken and written English
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Formal presentation skills
    • Organization, planning and strategic thinking
    • Persuasiveness, Adaptability, Creativity, Judgment, Decision-making


    The interested candidates should present to the Human Resources Department, before January 15th , 2021, the detailed Curriculum Vitae along with signed Application Form (available at

     Only the candidates selected for the interview shall be informed.

     For further details, please contact the Human Resources Dept. in United Bank of Albania, Tel.: 2404575 / 6 / 7 (ext.118).

     During the recruitment process, the United Bank of Albania processes the applicants' personal data based on Law no. 9887, dated 10 March 2008, "On the Protection of Personal Data" and Instruction No. 42, dated 22.07.2014 "On the Processing of Personal Data of Jobseekers".

     The personal data of applicants obtained from submitted/sent CVs and other documents submitted by the applicants themselves to BBSH are processed only for the purpose for which the applicants have submitted them. Applicants are not required to submit their personal data for this application but this may affect the decision-making for their employment.

     The Bank offers high security systems in order to guarantee the security of personal data accessible and processed only by authorized persons for this purpose and have the duty to preserve the confidentiality of personal and sensitive data. Data submitted for a job application are processed by mechanical and electronic means; they will only be kept as long as foreseen in the legislation in power.

     Applicants at any moment have the right that, through a request to HR Dept. of UBA, to access these data as well as to request their deletion or correction.

     Individuals applying to United Bank of Albania accept and are aware that their personal data will be processed as described above.

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Adresa: Rr. “Dritan Hoxha”,
Nd. 11, H. 3, Njesia Bashkiake Nr.7,
Kodi Postar 1023, Kutia Postare 128,

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