Current Temporary Partnership

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Don’t put your everyday cash at risk!

Current Temporary Partnership is a product designed to support the client in its business through finances for activities that will help your company’s short-term liquidity needs.

General terms

  • Tenor up to 36 months
  • Great for business that need short-term liquidity
  • Payment of profit will be done every month

Why you should apply

  • Bank participation can be up to 50%
  • Easy application on site or at any UBA branch
  • Financing can be offered in ALL, EUR or USD

Why you will love this

  • Coverage of seasonal or period specific needs easy application process
  • Coverage of cash flow
  • Coverage of extraordinary needs
  • Easy application on site or at any UBA branch

Who can apply

  • Clients over 21 years old
  • People that have substantial relevant business experience
  • Business that need short-term liquidity

Online application

Make an online application to see if you are eligible for financing!

Current Temporary Partnership is a product that help a company’s short term liquidity needs arising from its operating cycle.

Considering that is a short-term financing, the maximum tenor of the product is up to 36 months.

This product consists in fulfillment of client’s business needs offering financing in the current account in order to create facilities during the activity:

  • Liquidity
  • Purchase of inventory
  • Payment of suppliers
  • Immediate expenses for working capital

* The bank finances the customer’s needs for the payment of the products against a document that proves the purpose of the financing.