Working Capital Financing

Maintain your company's cash flow!

We provide you fast and efficient services suitable for the different needs of corporate businesses.

Don’t put your everyday cash at risk!

Your business has projects, but it requires a financing to undertake them. With a full-service banking activity, UBA Bank is able to provide your business the necessary support. Our Working Capital Financing product is unique and designed to help you realize key growth project without putting your everyday cash at risk.

General terms

  • Tenor 3 years
  • Renewable each year
  • Max amount 20-40 % of turnover

Why you should apply

  • Flexible financing options
  • Immediate use of approved investment funds
  • Financing can be offered in ALL, EUR or USD

Why you will love this

  • You can choose between financing working capital with monthly repayments or revolving financing
  • Friendly, personal service from start to finish
  • Flexible financing options that offer appropriate maturities designed just for your needs
  • Help you meet short-term requirements

Who can apply

  • Clients over 21 years old
  • People that have substantial relevant business experience
  • Anyone that needs to invest in short-term

Online application

Make an online application to see if you are eligible for financing!

Working capital financing is often used to fund everyday business expenses like payroll, rent and operational costs and manage cash flow gaps during a business’s slow season.

The tenor of a Working Capital Financing varies from 1 year up to 5 years.

This product can be offered in ALL, EUR or USD.

* The bank finances the customer’s needs for the payment of the products against a document that proves the purpose of the financing.