Expired on: May 28, 2023

Overall Job Definition

A bank teller provides exceptional service to customers by handling routine tasks, such as processing payments, accepting deposits, and handling withdrawals. The bank teller will respond to customer requests and inquiries, maintain and balance cash supplies, and keep track of bank records and financial information.


1. Effects deposit transactions, verifying the amount and proper account number. Records the transaction in the system.
2. Effects transactions of withdrawals in cash or cheques, pay out money after identification of the customer’s identity, signature as well as customer balance.
3. Counts, checks, and processes banknotes in compliance with Bank of Albania Regulation and U.B.A. Internal Regulations.
4. Accurate verification of customer’s identity, signature as well as customer’s balance before undertaking any transaction.
5. Responsible for the fulfillment of clients’ tax payments.
6. Ensure the correctness of the transactions input in the system.
7. Calculates and keeps commissions and charges in compliance with U.B.A. Terms and Conditions Price List.
8. Informing the customer service specialist of any information to be updated related to the client’s data.
9. At the end of the working day close the cash and compares the totaled amounts by currency.
10. The teller is responsible for the cash and coin packaging process.
11. Closes his/her position in the System following the established procedures transferring the balance for each currency to the Head Teller.
12. Responsible for comprehensive, prompt, and efficient customer transactions.
13. Responsible for receiving all the relevant documents from the customers.
14. Responsible for complying with requirements of the regulatory framework in force.
15. Executes and complies with operative orders of the Branch Manager/ Agency Supervisor / Operations Manager.


• University Degree in Economy field.
• Be eager for further knowledge and experience through seminars or educational programs.
• Very good skills in written and verbal communication.
• Able to work independently, organized, detail-oriented, and capable of taking over responsibility.
• Ability in team working.
• Organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
• Very good knowledge of spoken & written English.
• Good knowledge of basic Microsoft Office programs

The interested candidates should present the detailed Curriculum Vitae to the Human Resources Department before April 5, 2023. Only the candidates that meet the criteria will be contacted for the interview.

Job Profile: Teller
Application Type: Vacancy Application
Job Type: Full Time
Sorry! This job has expired.