The product that puts them first

Teach your kids how to make their allowance go further with high profit rates. Save confidently knowing your child’s funds are always secured.

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Discover a deposit dedicated to the kids that is all fun

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be opened in ALL, EUR or USD
  • You can choose the desire time period
  • Easy to decide between renewal of the principal only or principal and profit taken into account together
  • Check the balance anytime

What is a "Kids" Time Deposit?

Is a deposit created for the kids and is managed by their parent’s up to 18 years old of age

How can I get information about the profits of the Children Deposit?

You can get information about the Kid’s deposit in any of our branches

Is there a minimum and maximum amount required?

The minimum amount to open a Kid’s Deposit is 25,000 ALL / 250 Euro / 250 USD

What is the maximum period to invest in this deposit?

The maximum period is until your Kid reach the 18 years old of age

🛈 The Deposit at United Bank of Albania is insured for the amount up to 2.500.000,00 LEK (two million and five thousand) by the Deposits Insurance Agency 🡵 according to provisions of Law no. 53/2014, date 22.05.2014 “On the Deposits’ Insurance”.