Expired on: Sep 19, 2023

Overall Job Definition

The Legal Affairs Department Manager shall advise the senior management on compliance with laws and rules, regularly informing them about possible developments in the field. The Legal Affairs Department Manager shall be responsible for following regulations, cooperation in preparation and harmonization of the general enactments of the Bank, formulation, expert analysis, and control of all types of contracts being prepared in the Bank; registration of the Bank; representing the Bank in front of courts and other institutions in all legal matters and disputes; providing legal interpretation and expert opinions; preparation of necessary instructions and clarifications in connection with the application of legal and sub-legal regulations.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Perform legal proceedings against criminal or civil lawsuits.
2. Prepare legal materials and consult the clients about their obligations and legal procedures.
3. Investigate to gather evidence and necessary materials for the defense of the Bank against criminal or civil lawsuits, take proper actions under authorization.
4. Conduct research and interview with clients and witnesses for essential evidence for the trial.
5. Explain legal matters to the clients; to be in charge of preparing arguments, testimony, and presentation in front of the Court, if necessary.
6. To represent the Bank in front of the Court or judicial arbitration and similar entities to resolve legal issues concerning enterprise laws.
7. To cooperate with other colleagues in the industry to ensure the success of arguments in the legal process.
8. To provide advice, upon request to corporate clients regarding their transactions and internal affairs with shareholders, managers, and employees.
9. Supervise the performance of underlying personnel.
10. To instruct and guide the personnel of the company about laws and related matters.
11. To administrate legal documentation files belonging to the clients after passing under Legal Pursue and design requirements for “Issuing Execution Orders” for the loan contracts in the Court, according to the Bank’s internal procedure and tracking and depositing the requests/lawsuits and withdrawal of court decisions and tracking the hearings dates at the Court of Judicial District, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.
12. Drafting of requests and completion of the practices for storing the files of NPL clients for prosecution by Private/State Bailiff according to the internal procedure of the Bank.
13. To pursue enforcement procedures with the bailiffs or debt collectors (as representative of the Bank), follow and respect the deadlines to actions of Private/State Bailiff, and periodic reporting of cases to the General Manager.
14. Constantly consult the new legislation (Official Gazette) and timely informs as per internal rules the Management about the changes in Law or new laws directly or indirectly related to banking.
15. Assists in the process of verifying legal documentation of credit in affirming the documents submitted by clients, loan contracts at the request of Credit Dept. or other departments of the Bank.
16. Prepare quarterly Reports regarding the cases which are under forced execution.
17. Receive the report from the internal auditor of the Bank and reply for all the incorrectness found, also follow up to fulfill the recommendations.
18. Conducts performance evaluation for the staff of Department.
19. Compiles the holiday schedule for the staff of the department in compliance with the Labor Code.
20. Evaluates the training needs for the staff under supervision, prepare the training schedule and submit it to HR Manager.
21. Carry out the duty in compliance with U.B.A. Regulations & Procedures and the Albanian legal framework.
22. Exercise honesty, objectivity, and diligence in the performance of duties and responsibilities.
23. Be prudent in the use of information acquired in the course of her/his duties. He/she shall not use the confidential information for any personal gain nor in any manner, which would be contrary to the Law or detrimental to the welfare of the Bank.
24. Attend the clientele situations carefully.
25. To have a strict sense of responsibility and focus on the work and every detail.
26. Evaluates the effectiveness of current policies and procedures of the department.
27. Member of Committees as per relevant regulations.
28. Performs any other work under the legal, sub-legal regulations and general enactments of the Bank.

General Requirements

1. University Degree in Law field.
2. Advocate license.
3. Good knowledge of procedures relating to Court/Enforcement/ Mortgage/NRC(QKR).
4. Be eager for further knowledge and experience through seminars or educational programs.
5. Good skills in written and oral communication.
6. Able to work in a team.
7. Excellent knowledge of spoken & written English.
8. Able to work independently, organized, careful attention to details, capable of taking over responsibility.

All the interested candidates should send their CV and Cover Letter at the e-mail address [email protected]. Kindly note that only the selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.
The deadline for application is  September 19, 2023.

Application Type: Vacancy Application
Job Type: Full Time
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