Head of Physical and Cash Security Unit

General Duties

1. Carry out the duty in compliance with U.B.A. Regulations & Procedures as well as with the Albanian legal framework.
2. Exercise honesty, objectivity and diligence in the performance of duties and responsibilities.
3. Be prudent in the use of information acquired in the course of her/his duties. He shall not use the confidential information for any personal gain nor in any manner, which would be contrary to the Law or detrimental to the welfare of the Bank.
4. Demonstrate loyalty in all matters pertaining to the affairs of the Bank.
5. Should not knowingly engage in illicit or unethical acts or activities.

Main Duties on Security

1. Responsible for the centralized Security Services in the Head Office to ensure the operations and soundness of electronic security systems and the protection of the Bank premises.
2. Establish/ maintain the necessary communication and relations with state authorities regarding security matters.
3. Establish proper Security Policies & Procedures in the bank and closely supervise their implementation.
4. Setting and maintaining the required security standards in the Bank.
5. Responsible for accurate follow-up of all the alarm and security systems, ensuring physical security and protection via fire and alarm systems of the Bank’s premises.
6. Check the readiness of security systems and be well acquainted with the security needs at any time.
7. Investigate security incidents.
8. Supervise and manage security risks.
9. Keep close relations with the Security Companies.
10. Make periodical tests for the readiness of security and alarm systems in HO and all the Bank’s branches.
11. Ensuring that security measures are implemented during the money transportation.
12. Organize staff trainings regarding security issues, protection of the people, Bank’s activities and assets.
13. Responsible for procurement for security companies.
14. Keep the management and the staff informed about robberies or other security violations in other banks or locations and take the respective measures if necessary.
15. Performing other duties as per the laws and regulations of the Bank and as per instructions of the Deputy CEO and Chief Technology and Operations Officer of the Bank.

General Requirement

1. University Degree or professional high school (police or military)
2. At least 5 years’ experience in the security field.
3. Successful completion of the professional security training program.
4. Appropriate professional and administrative ability.
5. Be eager for further knowledge and experience through seminars or educational programs.
6. Ability to communicate with people.
7. Able to work in a team

All the interested candidates should send their CV and Cover Letter at the e-mail address [email protected]. Kindly note that only the selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Deadline for application is November 12, 2023.



Application Type: Vacancy Application
Job Type: Full Time
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