Expired on: May 28, 2023

Overall Job Definition

An Auditor is responsible for keeping their employer accountable regarding internal company procedures and industry rules. Their duties include studying accounting records, preparing compliance reports, and supervising company workflows.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Should be alert to the possibility of internal wrongdoing, errors and omissions, inefficiency, waste, ineffectiveness, and conflict of interest.
2. The internal auditor should not knowingly engage in acts or activities, which are discreditable to his/her profession or the bank.
3. Participate in the development of the bank’s Internal Audit department strategy budget and planning.
4. Execute and implement agreed audit programs by maintaining relations with audited departments to obtain access to their documentation, reports, systems, and personnel
5. Identify and evaluate significant risk exposures in the normal course of duty.
6. Assure whether the bank risk management process is sufficient to protect the assets, reputation, and ongoing bank operations.
7. Check if the appropriate internal control is set up and functions as per the requirement of UBA and the Bank of Albania.
8. Check if the appropriate authorization for transactions is established and maintained.
9. Control the application of internal policies and procedures approved by the management.
10. Verifies that the performance of banking operations complies with provisions of applicable laws and regulations, as well as with decisions and instructions issued by the managing authorities.
11.  Prepare the draft report of auditee units/processes together with all supported documents, presenting it to the Head of Internal Audit.
12. Ensure immediate correction of any violations of the law, providing written information to the Head of the Internal Audit Department.
13. Responsible for following up on the application of the recommendations for the findings during the audit process.

General Requirements

1. University Degree (preferably in Economy).
1. University Degree – Economic Faculty (preferably in finance).
2. At least 2 years experience in banking audit system, or to have worked for external audit companies or similar.
3. Knowledge and capability to implement internal audit standards and auditing procedures and techniques in all of the operating areas of the bank.
4. Knowledge of and/or experience in implementing accounting standards.
5. Knowledge of risk management principles and prudent banking technique.
6. Ability to appreciate the fundamentals of such objects and accounting, economics, law, taxation, finance, and information technology.
7. Be eager for further knowledge and experience to keep informed about improvements and current developments in internal auditing standards, procedures, and techniques.
8. Very good knowledge of written & spoken English.
9. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
10. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
11. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
12. Attention to detail and ability to multitask.
13. Strong computer skills, including knowledge of audit software and Microsoft Office applications.

The interested candidates should present the detailed Curriculum Vitae to the Human Resources Department before May 15, 2023. Only the candidates that meet the criteria will be contacted for the interview.

Application Type: Vacancy Application
Job Type: Full Time
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