Ramadan 2022 Special Offer – Our Children’s future

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Offer 1: Deposit Product: Our Children’s future

Product Structure

The product will be as a deposit of the parent/s and automatically a saving account will be opened with a gift amount from the Bank for their children/s and will be a deposit only account until the maturity age of 18 years old.

Deposit Product: Our Children’s future
Customer Eligibility Every Citizen
Deposit Tenure 12 months
Currency Eur/Lek
Min Amount 100,000 LEK/ 1,000 Eur
Child max age Eligibility 12 years old
Special Offer Duration Ramadan month (02.04.2022-01.05.2022)
Amount Eligibility The Kid’s Bonus will be calculated on the accumulative deposit’s of the parent/s. Note maximum of the gift deposit will not exceed the amount of 5,000 Lek/ 50 Euro regardless of the amount of the parents TDA that will be opened.
Deposit Product in LEK Amount of FD (LEK) Amount of Kids Saving Bonus (LEK)
100,000-199,999 1,000
200,000-299,999 2,000
300,000-399,999 3,000
400,000-499,999 4,000
500000+ 5,000
Deposit Product in EUR Amount of FD (EUR) Amount of Kids Saving Bonus (EUR)
1,000-1,999 10
2,000-2,999 20
3,000-3,999 30
4,000-4,999 40
5,000+ 50
Other Conditions In case of the breach of the deposit before maturity, the client will lose the profit and will pay back the amount of gift given from the Bank for the child saving account

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