Invitation for the general assembly meeting of shareholders of United Bank of Albania to be convened online, on August 21st, 2023

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Honorable Shareholders,

You are kindly invited to attend the General Assembly Meeting, with the following:



I. Appointment of the Chairman and the Secretary of the meeting

II. Amendment of the Statute of the Bank

III. Information regarding the Tranche two of the capital increase by Euro 2 million

IV. Draft decision on the sale of “Properties taken from the Legal Process (foreclosed assets)”

V. Other issues


Your attendance in this meeting is very important. If you cannot attend, please issue a proxy for the person who will represent you in this Meeting. Your representative may not be an administrator or member of the Board of Directors, unless he is a shareholder himself. He should present the original proxy to the secretary of the meeting on the meeting day. Please confirm at your earliest convenience.

Shareholders representing at least 5 percent of the capital may request the management in writing, including via e-mail, not later than 8 days before the Assembly Meeting, for certain issues to be inserted on the agenda. The request must contain the reasons, objectives and the matters the General Assembly should decide on.

Any question regarding the agenda asked by a shareholder in writing not later than eight days before the meeting, shall be answered by the administrators in writing.

You can find the information related to this meeting also in the bank’s website: Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our Bank’s email: [email protected]

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