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Our Deposit with Profit Paid in Advance gives you the great benefit of collecting your profit upon opening your Deposit, without waiting for the maturity.

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Deposit with Profit Paid in Advance

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for individuals who intend to start banking for the first time and want to build a profitable relationship with a strong and stable bank
  • Ideal for every individual customer who wants to invest their savings and earn a profit
  • Deposit can be opened in every UBA branch in the currencies of ALL, EUR or USD
  • Automatic renewal is optional

What is a Term Deposit?

A Term Deposit is a saving account where your money is invested over a fixed period of time. This is known as the ‘term’ and will generally last somewhere between 1 month to 5 years.

What are the main benefits of a Term Deposit?

– Protection against profit rate changes in the market
– Term deposit profit rates are usually higher than regular saving accounts
– You don’t have to pay a monthly account maintenance fee

In which currency can I open a deposit?

A Term Deposit can be opened in Albanian Lekë, Euro or US Dollar

Is there a minimum amount required when opening a Term Deposit?

Minimum amount required to open a Term Deposit is 25,000 ALL / 200 EUR / 200 USD.

🛈 The Deposit at United Bank of Albania is insured for the amount up to 2.500.000,00 LEK (two million and five thousand) by the Deposits Insurance Agency 🡵 according to provisions of Law no. 53/2014, date 22.05.2014 “On the Deposits’ Insurance”.