Recruitment Privacy Policy

The United Bank of Albania processes the applicants’ personal data based on Law no. 9887, dated 10 March 2008, “On the Protection of Personal Data” and Instruction No. 42, dated 22.07.2014 “On the Processing of Personal Data of Jobseekers”.

The personal data of applicants obtained from submitted/sent CVs and other documents submitted by the applicants themselves to BBSH are processed only for the purpose for which the applicants have submitted them. Applicants are not required to submit their personal data for this application but this may affect the decision-making for their employment.

The Bank offers high security systems in order to guarantee the security of personal data accessible and processed only by authorized persons for this purpose and have the duty to preserve the confidentiality of personal and sensitive data. Data submitted for a job application are processed by mechanical and electronic means; they will only be kept as long as foreseen in the legislation in power.

Applicants at any moment have the right that, through a request to HR Dept. of UBA, to access these data as well as to request their deletion or correction. Individuals applying to United Bank of Albania accept and are aware that their personal data will be processed as described above.